Two things your body absolutely needs in the morning!

Every morning after I get up I grab a glass, fill it with water and make my self drink it. I say “make” because on many days I’d much rather have my coffee first thing…but I know that water is what my body really needs and making this simple little change in my habits (water first instead of coffee) really helps my body feel better.  Some days I forget about my coffee without even realizing it ( hard to believe I know!) Just like our bodies need to replenish with water first thing in the morning, I believe our bodies also need to replenish and start the day with movement.  Movement is basically a way to hydrate your muscles, fascia and body tissues after a night of sleep and not moving a whole lot. Here’s just a few things morning movement can do for your body:

  1. Morning movement will aid in better circulation! Morning movement helps raise your body’s temperature by getting the blood flowing from the core of the body out to the extremities. Increasing blood flow helps circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your muscles and organs.Better circulation keeps your tissues healthier and you will just plain feel better and more energized! 
  2. Morning movement will stretch out tight muscles and increase flexibility and mobility.  When we sleep we often hold our body in positions for long periods of time that keep our muscles tight and shortened.  By starting the day with movements designed to lengthen and stretch the muscles you will have a head start on your day!  You will not start your day sitting at work with already tight muscles.  You’ll probably find that this helps you feel amazingly better in your body. Increased mobility and flexibility will help your your body be more balanced and you will breaks out of the cycles of always having tight and shortened muscles that don’t work as well as they could and could cause pain and aches in your body.
  3. Morning movement will prevent aches,pains and even injuries.  Morning movement will help your body be prepared for the day ahead and that means it is better equipped to move better and safer.  You’ll be more likely to use good alignment and body awareness throughout your day which will keep away those pesky aches and pains that happen related to poor posture and poor habits.  You physical body will be more balanced and reactive to deal with those silly injuries that happen when we trip over something on the floor or bend over to far to pick something up with tight back muscles.
  4. Morning movement will give you mental clarity and stress relief.   Increased blood flow throughout the body from movement time means your brain also has increased blood flow. This blood flow to the brain increases concentration and focus for the rest of the day. It also accelerates endorphins to the brain helping relieve stress and anxiety. Morning movement time is like an all natural focus pill for your day! 

There’s lots of great ways to add morning movement into your life.  Need some ideas for some movements you can do at home to start your day?  Check out our Rivercity Pilates Youtube Channel.  I especially love anything with a foam roller in the morning as I feel like the massaging effects of the foam roller work to really wake up our tissues for the day. We also offer early morning classes that are designed to get your body ready for your day.  Check out our class schedule here.  And of course..don’t forget to drink some water before and during your movement time!!


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