Futile Fatty?

Public Weight Loss, Private Weight Loss, Is There an In-Between?

imageThe psychology of weight loss is very…weird. And frustrating. And personal. And eccentric. I’m overweight, and I have trouble making myself work out in public, because my mind says – and this is asinine, I know – that people are judging me as a ‘futile fatty’: someone who is acting like she wants to lose weight, but is probably drinking soda on the side.

Obvious solution? Work out in the privacy of my home. Problem is, that can get boring in a hurry. And there is always some housework to do. And there is always that call that ought to get made. And the email to check. And those bills to be paid…

Is there an in-between space? Someplace where my mind just gets on with its work, and doesn’t wander off to speculate on other opinions or other tasks? Some place that is, actually, you know…HEALTHY for me?

I found one! I did not expect to! I came to Rivercity Pilates because I knew I needed more muscle to burn away fat. I had done my homework, and I knew that Pilates was not the end-all-be-all for weight loss, but that it would make big calorie-burner activities doable and safer. Which was true, just as I’d read. I even lost my first twelve pounds on Pilates.

What I did not expect was to find that headspace. That “in-between”, happily on-task, HEALTHY, headspace!

It caught me so by surprise that it’s taken me awhile to find out how it is made. It is made of several things. It is built into classical Pilates, with the progression of the exercises, and the attention to individual details – that is the part that keeps the mind engaged during the workout. But the other elements?  Those are part of Carey’s studio. It is being surrounded and taught by a variety of body types, not just ‘ballerina’ types. It is being encouraged to “strengthen and stretch” yourself, never to “lose” or to “burn away” anything. It is the fellow clients and students who invest in an atmosphere of fun and delight. And it is the absolute confidence that all can “Become What You Wish”, never “you need to match this”.



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