Confessions of a 66-year-old Pilates Teacher

Let me begin by telling you that I was never very confident. Nope. Not me!

As a young girl, I felt contented and enjoyed my life very much, but somewhere amidst those years of growing up, I lost confidence. Totally! :/  Perhaps it was because I grew up in the 60’s?!? It was a turbulent time. I just wanted to be a wife and mother but suddenly women were demanding to be liberated, burning their bras, and deciding which career to pursue! It was very confusing for me because I had to write notes just to remind myself to wear a bra on gym days so the Senior girls wouldn’t laugh at me.  (Bra-burning was something I would never consider!) All I really wanted in those days was to be rail-thin (just like Twiggy!), to have perfect hair (long, dark, and straight), and to have a boyfriend. Well, I was thin, and even had the perfect hair, yet never seemed to have the boyfriend. Most girls I know from “back then” dated someone in high school, got married, raised families and rocked grandchildren, and are now celebrating 40+ years of marriage. Not me though!

Looking back, I just don’t think I knew myself very well. I married an older man and divorced after just ten years of marriage (and one great son). I’ve dated since then, collected a couple of graduate degrees, gone on some great Life adventures (moved to Arizona, then to Grand Cayman Island) and ultimately, returned home to Iowa. Still, I continued to question where I belong. It wasn’t until I returned to the Iowa City area in the Spring of 2017 that everything started to click; all the dots started to connect.

So why do I share this with you now? Well, I started reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis and because I adore her transparency, I decided to become more transparent. By doing so, perhaps you’ll see me with all of my flaws (yikes!) and decide to give Pilates a try. Get ready because here’s the big reveal: Pilates has changed my life. And I want it to change yours!

What have I gained from my Pilates practice?
1. I decided to become a Pilates teacher at about the same time that I started to practice regularly. Very soon afterward, my father passed away and I almost quit the teaching program. My father thought it had been such a great idea to train and then, to teach Pilates in my retirement, but suddenly, I felt lost. I was grieving deeply. The teacher training program and obviously, regular Pilates practice, forced me to concentrate on something outside that grief. I embraced it as an attempt to work through that period of sorrow.

2. I am more confident. No- I AM confident. (I can’t believe I just wrote that!) I challenged myself in many different ways and made it over
every single hurdle. (I’m shy, for one thing, and I had to teach and do Pilates in front of people I practically idolized.)

3. I am all of the following: Stronger. Centered. Calmer. Relaxed. Happier. Things just don’t rattle me anymore.

4. I reflect on a more regular basis. And I’m more forgiving of myself and others.

5. I sleep better! After a bath, a cup of chamomile tea, and some reading, it’s lights out. Literally and figuratively. I wake refreshed and eager for the new day.

6. I feel younger. And I finally had the confidence to let my hair return to its natural color, knowing that no one’s opinion would or could
convince me to dye it again. This is who I am.

7. I am committed to being present… in my mind and body, to the practice and teaching of Pilates, and to my Life.

8. I feel younger! Yep. Not sure when that happened but age really is just a number.

9. I am more committed to the parts of my Life that I hold most dear: my family, my friends, my fur-babies.

10. I am contented with not being a Perfect 10. I am Jane. And I am Enough!

Come try Pilates for yourself.
Take my Beginner workshop. I promise results.

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