Why you should learn Pilates so you never have to go to a studio!

IMG_4249One of the things I love most about my own Pilates practice is that I can do it anywhere (and I do)!  I love that whether I have 40 minutes or 5 minutes I can find some movement sequence to do that makes me feel better and energizes me.  I don’t need to rely on going to class, watching a video or anybody else.  Of course I also love to go to class and get instruction but I don’t need to.

I always love it when I see this phenomena happening in my clients because I feel like it means I’m doing my job well.  I get excited when I hear things like,” I didn’t make it to class this week but I did my Hundreds at home everyday.  OK…not a lot of people tell me this one….but I can pretend!  More likely is, “I did my rolling like a ball and shoulder bridge in the living room during the Big Bang Theory!

To me, this is what having a movement practice is all about! The reason to take sessions with a knowledgable instructor is so that you can learn about your body and learn how to create a movement practice not just in the studio but in your life.  There will always be times in your life when you can’t make it to a studio to take a class or get your private session in but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some movement in!

As you progress in your Pilates practice you’ll find yourself thinking about movement in a whole different way! You’ll start seeing movement as a way to feel better in your body and you’ll probably crave it!  You’ll start paying attention to your posture at work and maybe sneaking in some of your favorite exercises during the commercials of your favorite TV shows!  As a bonus, you won’t feel bad when you can’t make it into the studio for your session or class!  You’ll feel comfortable knowing that you can practice your favorite Pilates exercises on your own and still get a great work out!




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