What kinds of skills does a Pilates teacher need?

IMG_6747One of the things I love about teaching Pilates is all of the different roles I get to play as a teacher. The Pilates Method and movement itself has so much depth and is so individualized to unique bodies that you really need to incorporate a wide variety of skills to effectively teach clients.  Here’s a quick list I made of some of the many things I get to do on a daily basis:

  • Teach people how to connect and integrate movement and breath in their body
  • Instruct how to move (do this, do 5 more…) My job is to not only teach them how to do a movement but also guide them through a workout, instruct them on how many to do and at what pace.
  • Planner–  I watch clients’ movement, assess their needs and plan their next movement/exercise and their next sessions.  This is a constant process going on.
  • Problem Solver:  As a teacher I am constantly looking at clients bodies trying to figure out how to help them to create balance in their musculature, balance in their movements and keep progressing in their practice.   This means I am always trying to figure out the best way to teach them an exercise that will help find that balance in their body.  If something doesn’t feel right in their body I help them troubleshoot what might need to be adjusted and how we can individualize the exercise to them.
  • Motivational and inspirational coach: Keep them excited, accomplished and moving forward….  This is probably one of the most important roles I play. Because let’s face it…if someone hates what they are doing, they are feeling like that can’t do it, or just plain are not motivated…they are not going to make a practice of Pilates….and without them showing up I have no work to do!


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