Valentines Pilates: Susan & Mike

757c68fa-ddf2-4334-88b7-6e5e7410fb71This is the second post in our Valentine series about couples who practice Pilates together at Rivercity Pilates.  On Friday evening, February 17 at 6:30pm – our monthly “Life Inspired Get Together” will be free Pilates and Yoga session for couples!

How did you start doing Pilates together?  
Susan:  My sister and I were already going weekly and he’s off work Friday mornings.
Mike:  Couple of years ago

When you are out with friends/family, who is more likely to talk about their Pilates experience?
Susan:  Me
Mike:  Susan

Are you competitive with each other?
Susan.  I don’t think we’re competitive but I comment too much on his less than ideal form.
Mike.  in most things

fullsizerender28Do you keep each other accountable?
Susan:  Not really.
Mike:  She nags, I obey

How does it help you to exercise with your partner?
Susan:  We don’t otherwise exercise together. We have always walked together.
Mike:  otherwise I wouldn’t do it

How has Pilates influenced your overall health?
Susan:  Unquestionably, Pilates has improved my health overall.
Mike:  improved balance and posture

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?
Susan:  anything with the roller
Mike:  favorite is upside down push up

 Least favorite?
Susan:  Anything with the chair
Mike:  Anything with bands, balls, “magic” circles
What do you want to tell other couples about your Pilates experience?
Susan:  That we have a lot of laughs in there. The vibe is good.
Mike:  It’s not that bad
What 3 words would you use to describe your Pilates Sessions?
Susan:  Welcoming. Positive. Fun.
Mike:  Fifty minutes long





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