Valentine Pilates: Serena & Steve


This is the fourth post in our Valentine series about couples who practice Pilates together at Rivercity Pilates.  On Friday evening, February 17 at 6:30pm – our monthly “Life Inspired Get Together” will be free Pilates and Yoga session for couples!

A Dialogue on Couples’ Pilates
SS = Serena; SB = Steve

SS: I’m so glad that we are now doing Pilates together. What led you to join me?
SB: I saw how much good it was doing for you, and appreciated the focus on the core. I needed that.

SS: I hope you don’t mind how competitive I am.
SB: You’re not competitive at Pilates, just at other things!

SS: Of course, I can’t compete with your strength, but I’m very pleased that the two of us can do the same exercises and benefit, even though I’m ten years older than you are.
SB: You help me to attend the sessions regularly.

image12SS: Do you agree that Carey is really good at working around whatever special challenges each of might have on a day, such as my impaired hip movement, or whatever.
SB: Or my sore back.

SS: My favorite exercises are scooting along on the reformer, bouncing on the big ball, and improving my sense of balance.
SB: Mine is the Cadillac.

SS: I love how we both feel so good afterwards, and can share these feelings together.
SB: Ditto.

SS: Three words to describe a session? Loving, exercising together.
SB: Working, improving, challenging.

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