Therapeutic Massage Packages

Sara Hinde is a Licensed Masssage Therapist, and a Certified Neural Reset Therapy® Master. She specializes in therapeutic massage and pain relief.   Rivercity Pilates offers several massage packages to assist you in dealing with chronic conditions, or rehabbing from surgery.



Using Health Savings Accounts for Massage and
Neural Reset Therapy®

Did you know people who have a health savings account (or flexible spending account) can use their flex credits toward massage? All you need is a qualifying receipt and you can submit it for reimbursement…no prescription required.
As for medical insurance, first you need to make sure your insurance company will cover prescribed massages. Once you know if they will, primary healthcare providers will often times prescribe a certain number of massages per incident (need), including but not limited too; back pain, pulled muscles, tension leading to migraines, and inability to sleep.