Have you taken a class with Rachel?

We have some new teachers in the studio, and we thought you might like to get  to know them better!    

Tell us about yourself / your family.  I absolutely love to read and I’m a total nerd, in general.  I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Science. I now love to nerd out over Pilates…

I met my husband, James, just after I turned 19!  We’ve always let each be who we are and we always have the best time together, even if we are just sitting around doing nothing.  We have a son who is autistic and he is our pride and joy.  He continues to make us better parents and people.  He’ll turn 7 this June.  We have two miniature schnauzers, who are totally nuts.  We love our family. My mom comes out almost every week (to do Pilates 🙂 ) and my in laws live around the corner, so we see them almost every day.

Describe yourself in 5 words.   Honest, awkward, creative, loyal, helpful

Tell us about your first Pilates experience.    When/Why did you start practicing Pilates?  I was hurting a lot. Physically and mentally. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get back into shape or be strong, again.  I went to my complimentary session with a lot of anxiety, but I ended up feeling so good about what I’d been able to do that I knew I had to go back.  I fell in love with Pilates so fast!  

I love how Pilates allows you to start at your own working level, which can change based on how your body is feeling that day.  I love how it allows you to feel results quickly, and it helps you gain control and strength. 

Favorite food / or favorite restaurant   I love pizza. And chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s.

If money were no object, what would you do all day?  My husband said I would do Pilates and read and play with dogs.  He’s right, but I’d also make time for him and my kiddo 🙂   I also love volunteering and community work.

Why did you become a Pilates teacher?   I’ve always loved learning and teaching/training. 

One of my original interests in the teacher training program stemmed from my hope of helping correct my son’s posture and stance.  He tends to walk on his toes and hunches his shoulders quite a bit.   So far he has been very open to “doing some Pilates” and some days is very excited to “do some new moves”.  

I also had hopes that I could help others feel good about what they can do with their bodies using the Pilates method.

Describe why you love Pilates in three words.    For Every Body

Would you rather hike or bike?  I don’t do the outdoors. If someone made me choose, I would choose hiking because there would be shade. I would probably complain about the bugs, though. 

If you could live anywhere in the world — where would you want to live?  Somewhere with some cloud cover, minimal wind, and a temperature that only fluctuates between 65-70deg.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate movement into your life in addition to Pilates?    I’m sort of a busy body at the house – I’m always running around doing something.

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