If you're not dripping sweat, is it exercise? - Rivercity Pilates
I was chatting with a client the other day ago about our Roll,Release and Relax class and he said, " I like it, but it wasn't much of a workout." I went on to explain that Roll, Release and Relax was not meant to be a workout..it was meant to be a self care class. A class where you spend the entire time using self massage techniques to roll out your muscles and fasciae so that it is healthier, more hydrated and helps your body function better. He also said during our conversation well you know many people would not consider what we do in Pilates class a workout. And he's right...not because it's not a "workout" but because their idea of a workout is very different than what we consider a workout. I consider a workout: specific time dedicated to moving your body in ways that creates strength and mobility so you can maintain your health to do whatever you want to do in life. Other people's definition of a workout: Time moving your body that feels like intense work, time moving your body that makes you sweat, time moving your body that is constantly hard and barely doable. Because so much of our society has accepted the definition of a workout above...so many people never try a "workout" like Pilates or Yoga or never really give it a chance because they feel like it's not hard enough or won't work for them. I have a secret for you...that's not really a secret.... the reason that Pilates is so effective once people commit to it is that it is adaptable to their specific body and it adapts with them to keep challenging them for years to come. It often doesn't seem like a workout because it is taught by experienced teachers who give you just enough of a challenge to keep you progressing, but not so much that you hate it and don't feel like you can do it. It doesn't seem like a workout because it entertains your body and brain at the same time. What if our criteria for what a workout was included things like movement time that gave me noticeable feel better in my body results? Movement time that challenged my body and brain to do things that I don't do often in my regular life like moving my spine in lots of different directions or gently stretching muscles that are often shortened and tight?