Staff Highlight: Jane McKenrick - Rivercity Pilates
•What do you love about teaching Pilates? I love the challenge of helping clients move their bodies- becoming stronger and more flexible in the process- and watching them become more confident in their capabilities. There’s nothing better than hearing a client say, “That felt great!” •How has teaching Pilates changed your life? I’m stronger, more flexible, and no longer possess a “fear of falling” that can be present in people my age. The discipline of routine practice is extremely beneficial to my mind, as well as to my body. •What did you love about the teacher-training program? Everything! The classes. The observations. The practice teaching. The process of creating a Pilates discipline. Even though I’m retired, I schedule my day around Pilates practice (at home or at the studio) and/or classes (that I take or teach). I’ve learned so much from teachers I observed and from classes I took, and continue to adapt many of those components to my own Pilates teaching. •What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a Pilates teacher? “Just do it!” That slogan has worked well in anything I have ever attempted to do. :-) You won’t regret the decision. Teaching Pilates continues to change my Life in many positive ways.