Do you want to feel and move better? This is the class for you: Roll, Release and Relax with Carey

People have been Raving about this Guided Rolling Class with Carey Sadler 
Saturdays at 8 am 

From reducing migraines, to reducing pain, to just plain feeling better, clients have been loving our Roll, Release and Relax class on Saturdays at 8 am.    Many of the principles we employ in this class are described in the book, “The Role Model”, by Jill Miller.    This class is appropriate for everyone from couch potatoes to runners and those who participate in regular fitness classes!     
Fascia is a type of connective tissue in our bodies that wraps around muscles, organs, bones etc. Fascia can be thick or thin, stiff or pliable, healthy or unhealthy. The composition of fascia depends on where it is in the body and what its function is. Basically fascia gives our bodies its structure and helps us to move efficiently.
In terms of our muscles, think of fascia as a sausage casing. The shape of a sausage is a result of the casing. If you remove the casing, all you have is a pile of chopped meat. One function of fascia is to give shape to our muscles as well as to connect groups of muscles together to function as units or chains. Wherever the Therapy Balls roll, they impact your body’s fascia.   You will find that by “hydrating” your fascia by rolling, you will erase pain, improve mobility and love the way you feel!   
While this is definitely something everyone can do at home with the right tools, often we find ourselves rushing through the rolling sequence, or feeling guilty about taking time for self care when there is so much to do in our home.    Many of our clients tell me, that rolling class on Saturdays is their favorite type of self care!    
You’ll spend all 50 minutes of this class using specialized therapy balls to do self-massage throughout your entire body. These self-massage techniques are designed to release tight muscles and fascial adhesions, releasing tensions and leaving you feeling more mobile throughout your entire body.
This practice is great for anyone…from those who want to combat tightness due to chronic sitting to athletes wanting balance out their training time and prevent injuries. Balls are provided by the studio. No experience necessary and drop ins are welcome!   
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