Schedule Ahead Rewards Program

Ever notice that if you don’t put it in your calendar it doesn’t get done? That’s exactly why we’ve created our Schedule Ahead Rewards Program!

We know how busy you are and want to help you stay healthy and fit. Our Schedule Ahead Rewards Program rewards you for pre-planning your month’s classes by giving you Pilates Bucks on your account and giving you one free late cancel per month (for those unexpected last minute life moments).


  • Earn $5 Pilates Bucks EVERY month.
  • Every month we give you 1 FREE Late cancel (for a class cancelled within the 24-hour window).
  • By scheduling ahead and pre-planning you will be able to stay committed to your health and fitness routine!

START TODAY by scheduling your classes for next month. Send us a note at to let us know you will be joining the program and scheduling ahead. We will send you a reminder email at the end of every month so you can pre-schedule for the next month. That’s it! Enjoy your studio rewards and congratulate yourself for committing to your health!