ROI on Instructor Pilates Mat Teacher Training Program

If you are looking into Pilates teacher training I’m guessing there are a lot of things weighing in on your decision to jump into this endeavor. Even though there are plenty of opportunites to teach Pilates as a full time career, many people start teaching Pilates as a part time job or as a supplement to movement teaching that they are already doing. Pilates teacher training is not a cheap investment and so I thought I would break down how long it would take you to earn back what you invested in your training.

ROI on Pilates Mat Teacheer Training... (1)In it’s entirety our Mat Training Module is approximately a $2000 investment by the time you include all of your lessons, classes, and training fees. Pilates instructors in the Midwest generally earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per group class depending on where they are teaching and how many students they have. For today’s calculations I used $20 per class to calculate how long it might take you to earn back the original cost to do the training. At this rate you would need to teach 100 classes to earn back the original investment. If you taught 2 classes per week for an entire year (52 weeks) you would repay your investment.

This of course is assuming you are just teaching group classes and only getting paid $20 per class.  If you are making more per class (which is pretty common) you will repay your investment much sooner.  There are also plenty of opportunities to teach Pilates in a one on one or private setting in which case you may earn between a higher hourly rate.

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