Rivercity Pilates truly is “Couch Potato” Friendly

Has it been awhile since you’ve taken an exercise class or worked out?  Would you consider yourself a “couch potato”? Does the thought of starting back to exercise scare you?  Do you worry about making a fool of yourself in class or feeling out of place?  One of the most common things we hear from new clients is,” I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner!”.  And so if you are one of those people who has been contemplating coming in, but just hasn’t made the leap…this blog is for you!!

We understand there are a lot of “roadblocks” that keep people from scheduling that first session or class and so we made up a quick list of our top 5 reasons why we would consider Rivercity Pilates Couch Potato friendly(ie debunking those excuses you are telling yourself about why you haven’t come in yet!) .

  1. A Complimentary private session.  We know that starting a new exercise method and even just walking into the doors of a new “exercise” place can be scary! This is the number one reason we offer a complimentary private session for new clients.  We really believe that movement is for everyone and we find the best way to get started at a new place is with some time talking and working with a teacher who is focused on your individual needs.  If you’ve never worked one on one with a professional movement instructor you are in for a treat!  You’ll leave this session feeling welcome at the studio, having a better understanding of what the studio offers, have a better understanding of your own body and excited about the possibilities of movement in your life!
  2. A positive, encouraging atmosphere. Are you looking for people to connect with who want to lift you up, support you and help you reach your health goals without feeling like you are out of place or don’t belong?   At Rivercity Pilates it’s our mission to make everyone feel welcome and create an environment where you can be yourself, enjoy your movement time and walk out of our doors feeling better than when you walked in!
  3. Beginners don’t feel like beginners….really!!   You’ll never feel out of place or like a failure because you can’t do an exercise a teacher is instructing.  Our teachers automatically give variations and modifications to all exercises for where ever you are in your body.
  4. We work around injuries, aches and pains and even hip and knee replacements.  Have a chronic sore back, knees that ache or maybe a hip replacement?  Great!! We love to show our clients that you can still do safe, effective movement even when you have “stuff” going on in your body!  And I guarantee if you are in a group class you won’t feel singled out or weird because of it!
  5. Variety.  When you are trying to create a regular movement practice in your life we think it’s nice to be able try lots of different things to see what you enjoy the most!  We have a wide variety of Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Zumba on our schedule that gives you the chance to create a custom schedule based on your favorite classes.

Ready to take the leap?  We would love to help you schedule your first complimentary private session or class!  Have a question before you come in?  Simply email or call us and we would love to answer it!


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