Private Sessions

Rivercity Pilates offers private instruction in Pilates, Yoga or Strength Training.  Private instruction is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. Every person has a unique learning style and our instructors are trained to teach each client according to how the client best learns.  Your instructor will create a safe, effective workout that helps your body continue to progress in its quest to strengthen, align and balance.

Since private sessions are completely individualized, they are suitable for anybody with any fitness level.  If you are overcoming an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain then private sessions will especially be ideal for you.    Our instructors are more than happy to work with your health practitioners to create a safe effective exercise program that will help you empower your body!

Your private sessions can be set up for times and days that are most convenient for your schedule.  Our instructors have availability from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm.

If you often travel out of town, we can create customized workouts that you can do in between your sessions at the studio.  This is a great way to create a consistent movement practice!

Interested in semi-private sessions with a friend or spouse? Click here!

Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training Private Session Rates

Single Solo Session $77
5 pack Solo sessions $355 ($71/session)
10 pack Solo Sessions $650 ($65/session)
20 pack Solo Sessions $1240 ($62/session)




Ready to make some changes in your body and life?  Private sessions will get you started in the best possible way!  You’ll be feeling stronger, more energized, more confident in your body and you’ll create a habit of consistent movement in your life! We offer an Introductory package of 5 Private Sessions for only $320. This package gets you started with 5 private sessions that can be scheduled at your convenience.