Practice What You Teach: Pilates on the Water

What could be better than beautiful summer weather, getting out in nature and movement?  Twice this week I got to go play at the lake and do some stand up paddle boarding! The paddle boards are a fun way to cruise around the lake, but also stable enough you can pretty much do the entire Pilates Mat sequence on them!  The added instability is great for fine tuning your form and having to use your center to balance!  During our monthly Life Inspired gathering this week we played around doing both Pilates and Yoga on the boards and it was a blast!  Here’s a few pictures from the evening!

SUNP0041 SUNP0035
Balance, balance, balance…

Saw with our paddle as a group

SUNP0039 SUNP0049
Check out Dick’s great plank (only 9 weeks
after shoulder replacement surgery!!)
Right before I fell in as Julie was guiding
me through a yoga pose
SUNP0007 SUNP0028
Nancy was doing Pilates and Yoga in the canoe!! Rolling Like a Ball!! My favorite!
SUNP0042  SUNP0014
Roll Ups with a beautiful
view of the sky!
Mountain Pose is a lot more
work on a paddle board!


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