Pilates Posture in the bathroom????

Do you ever think of your posture when you go the bathroom?  Me neither until recently!! I was super excited to get a new “posture device” this week called Lumo Lift.  The Lumo Lift is a small tracking device that can be worn on your bra strap or shirt that lets you know when you are slouching.  As a Pilates instructor I spend my days talking to clients about Pilates in their daily life and how just by being aware of their daily posture and movement habits they can change how their body feels. I even dedicated a whole month last year to educating people about how to incorporate Pilates at your Office!  So when I saw this new device designed to help you maintain your posture throughout your days…I had to have one!!   I’ve only had my Lumo Lift a few days but I have to say I love this thing already!!IMG_6095

The Lumo Lift can be set to have as much or as little delay as you want( from instant to a 2 minute delay).  I set mine at 5 seconds so that it pretty much tells me immediately when my posture is not ideal by vibrating.  The Lumo Lift of course is fabulous when I sit at my desk to do computer work but what I love the most about the Lumo Lift is that I am starting to think about my alignment and posture at times when I would never normally think about it…like in the bathroom!!  I had to just giggle the first time that happened!!

As a Pilates instructor I spend my days teaching…usually walking around clients, spotting them, giving them cues, etc.   I’ve been amazed at how often I was getting buzzed while I was teaching.  I found myself leaning over clients to give cues and even slouching or rounding my shoulders as I was talking through verbal cues to clients.  I feel like just in a few days my awareness of my body has increased and I’m easily training myself to keep moving and aligning my body in ways that help me create balance in my body.   I’m excited to have found such a great tool that I can use to incorporate my Pilates principles and ideas into my daily habits!!

Want to learn more about the Lumo Lift?  Check out their website here.  Want one of your own?  You can learn more about Lumo Lift and purchase a Lumo Lift by clicking below:
Buy LUMO Lift Body Sensor Now





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