Pilates Advanced Instructor Training

Modules 6-8: Advanced Training  

Module 6: Advanced Mat, $600

Prerequisites: Module 1      September 21,2019  12pm to 6pm and September 22,2019  8 am to 3pm

(Two workshops, 12 hours)

  • Mat Exercises Levels IV-V
  • We will take the base knowledge from the previous mat work and learn how to transition into the advanced work. We will cover proper technique, modifications, safety, correct teacher spotting and anatomy. Transitions and how to teach an advanced class will also be addressed.
  • Training Manual: $40


Module 7: Advanced Reformer (Two workshops – 12 hours), $600 

October 12th,2019   12pm -6pm and October 13th,2019   8 am – 3pmIMG_2928

Prerequisites: Modules 1-2

  • Reformer Exercises Level IV-V
  • Progressing into the advanced reformer work requires knowledge and understanding of how to best use equipment set-up to assist the clients.  We will look at how to transition into the advanced work as well as the technique, modifications, safety issues, proper teacher spotting and verbal cues.
  • Practice Teaching for the advanced repertoire
  • Training Manual: $50


Module 8: Advanced Cadillac (One workshop – 6 hours), $300 

November 2,2019    12pm – 6pm 

Prerequisites: Modules 1-3

The Cadillac/Pole System is a wonderful complement to the Mat and Reformer Exercises. This important piece offers spinal articulation and release, upper body flexibility and strengthening and isolation of the leg muscles for specific strengthening.

  • Cadillac Exercises Level IV and V
  • Exercises are evaluated by proper technique, safety issues, modifications and correct spotting and verbal cues
  • Practice Teaching for the advanced repertoire

Training Manual: $40


Program Requirements

  • Completion of Modules 1-8
  • 140 practice teaching hours (on other apparatus and advanced work)
  • 100 observation hours (in addition to the 80 completed for Mat and Reformer Levels I-III)
  • 40 lessons (20 privates/20 classes)
  • 20 hours miscellaneous
  • Final written test (Level 5)
  • Final teaching test (Level 5)
  • Final performance test (Level 5)

Total Apprentice Hours: 300 (550 including Mat/Reformer Completion)
Total Workshop Hours: 56 (104 including Mat/Reformer Completion)
Total Hours for Full Program: 654


IMG_2969Additional Costs:

  • All lessons 15% off group rate
  • Final Tests: $100/ each