Office Pilates Day 19: Where are your Nipples?

“Where are your Nipples?”  Yes, that’s what I said! Sometimes all it takes to find good posture and alignment is a simple little phrase or reminder like, ” Where are your nipples?”

Need a visual of what I’m talking about? You’ll have to use your imagination today – as much as I love sharing a video I didn’t think I could keep a straight face or avoid turning shades of red talking about nipples on camera!!

Imagine instead of nipples you had 2 headlights shining from your chest. If you are shining light down toward the floor, or your desk top then you are probably slouching through your low and upper back, your shoulders are probably hunched forward and your neck is probably strained.  If you headlights are shining directly forward on your computer screen you’re probably sitting tall with your pelvis upright, your shoulders relaxed, and your back and neck lengthened.

Try it out and let me know if this reminder phrase was helpful for you!  Do you have another reminder or cue that helps you find your sitting posture?  I would love to hear it!  Share in the comments below!

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