Life Inspired – Recap!

We recently created a new monthly group at the studio called Life Inspired!  Our desire was to create a group, a space and an atmosphere where women could feel comfortable, explore topics that inspire their lives and connect with other amazing women.  I was out of town for the first meeting but was excited to be able to attend this month’s meeting and wanted to give you a quick recap.

Our monthly Life Inspired group left me with a lot to think about this month.  We started the night off watching a great TED talk from Brene’ Brown that focused on what it meant to be vulnerable and how it affects everything in your life.  I could have easily walked away after watching that feeling empowered about the ideas that she shared and inspired to examine them more in my life.  But after the TED Talk the real inspiration came.

First of all, let me just say that I’m definitely an introvert, so the idea of talking about things like feelings and vulnerability in a group isn’t always my idea of a good time- but this was different.  I can honestly say the next 2 hours flew by and there was a wonderful sense of support and genuine caring from everyone in the group as we all shared in the conversation of the night.  The topic was giving authentically and Life Coach Julie Jack did an amazing job of facilitating the conversation as we all shared ideas, listened, and grew in our understanding of ourselves and each other. We ended the night with some simple questions we could ponder or journal about to take us deeper into the topic.

I truly enjoyed getting to connect with the other amazing women in the group and I’m super excited to meet again next month.  Next month we’ll be exploring creating a vision for our life in 2015! I’ll be there and I hope you can join us too!



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