Julie’s story of living her purpose and how she can help you find yours!

Julie & Asha

Julie & Asha

You may already know me as a Barre and Yoga instructor at Rivercity Pilates but I am happy to reveal that I am also offering Life Coaching and Reiki services!

So as my service to you deepens, I only thought it was fitting to deepen our relationship and tell you a little bit more about me and how I got here.

As a young girl, I was fascinated with movement and dance.  It was my outlet and a way for me to express myself, as I was also extremely shy and timid.  This was my place to shine but also to connect to like-minded friends.  It was a savior for me!  But as I grew older, I held the belief that I needed to pursue a lucrative career, one that would provide “security” and independence.

I received a Master’s degree in Administration focusing on the non-profit sector and worked for many years in program development.  But as the years flew by, I felt deeply in my soul that I wanted to work with people in a more profound and personal way.  So, drawing on my love of movement, I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher training and began to teach yoga in the evenings. The more that I worked with people helping them to connect to their bodies, the more I learned about and desired to incorporate a holistic mind, body and spirit approach.

So I set off to embark on a second master’s degree in counseling psychology and then promptly took a job as a program director for the Fulbright Commission in Mexico City, yet another administrative role.  They say that old habits die hard and following my dreams (in the professional realm) was just not something I was accustomed to.  But they also say that life will take you where you need to go, which leads to the part where I was let go from said stable, high-powered job.

And so finally, in the midst of crisis, I surrendered to following my dream and began the journey back home to my roots.

I hired a coach to help me sort out my “stuff” and since then I have begun a journey to make my dreams a reality.   I have started my own business, begun teaching movement on a daily basis, become certified as a life coach and have become more fulfilled, personally and professionally, than I could have ever imagined.

As I reflect back on that shy, timid child who saw dancing as her savior, I am reminded that my soul has always known who I am and what I want, I just couldn’t hear the call.  I was blocked by fear and the “shoulds” and the “what will people think of me.”   I was like a little train that had gone off the track and I was getting nowhere fast! Moreover, I was tired (because its hard to move a train that’s not on track), and I was resentful and angry and most of all unhappy.  Figuring out who I was in the depths of my soul and subsequently creating a plan and acting on it has brought me more movement and happiness than ever seemed possible… in less than a year!

I share my journey, not to just blow my horn or bore you with the details of my life, but to demonstrate that my journey has led me to today.  I wouldn’t be able to coach you about what it means to dream and change and return to your purpose if I haven’t focused on what transformation really means. I am here today because I am transforming my life from blah to beautiful.  Each and every day, I do the work, and more and more every day I walk the talk.

I know that desire to connect more deeply to life and purpose.  I have desired to enhance my relationships, to follow my dreams, to be a better leader, to release fear and most importantly to love myself enough to change!  And now I want to share the wisdom that I have gained to help you along your path. I believe that the road to personal development is the path of a warrior, but it is where the victories are won.

What will the next chapter in your book be?

Life coaching is a positive and forward-looking approach to personal development that is results oriented and filled with vision, purpose and fun.  It is the intersection of dreams and reality.  My personal coaching approach is compassionate and sometimes therapeutic, but also no nonsense and down to earth.  Moreover, I bring a wealth of formal experience including:

  • MA, Counseling Psychology – California School of Professional Psychology
  • MS, Non-profit administration – University of Notre Dame
  • Certified Life Coach – Life Purpose Institute
  • Specialization in Focusing Oriented Therapy – The Focusing Institute NYC
  • Registered Yoga Teacher  – Dancing Feet Yoga
  • Certificate in Latino Family Therapy – Alliant International University Mexico City
  • Reiki Master energy attunement
  • Numerous years of experience working with people in leadership development, crisis counseling and family therapy

I will be offering one-on-one coaching services, Reiki sessions, and a free informal evening of exploration called Life Inspired once a month…and of course Barre and Yoga classes!


If you have questions, the slightest bit of curiosity or are ready to just dive in, please sign up for a free consultation to discuss what would work best for you.

I look forward to working with you!



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