Is Mindful Boring?

When you hear the word mindful what image pops into your head?  Silence, solemness, stillness….

Here at Rivercity Pilates we are big believers in the power of mindful movement to create results in your body and life, but we also like to have fun.  Of course we want to stay focused and mindful throughout our movement practice but at the same time we know that if you are enjoying your movement practice you are more likely to keep doing it and hence get even better results!

We have a “No Grimacing Rule” at the studio!  (See the sign we included here.)  We use this rule to remind clients to smile, lighten up and be positive – all of which are conducive to better movement!


If you are looking to find an exercise program you love, consider trying our our small group classes and expect to smile throughout class!   Your first session is complimentary — you can email us or call the studio to schedule  (319-665-2499).

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