Beginner Pilates student: meet your new BFF

I’m not going to lie…learning to practice Pilates does not always feel “easy”. Just as learning any new movement in your body (think about learning to ride a bike, ski or learn a new dance) it takes practice and time. Any experienced Pilates practitioner will tell you though that it is worth investing your time! They would also tell you if you have the chance you should try learning the Pilates method using the Pilates equipment as well as the Pilates mat work as it will make it seem easier!  Here’s why:

  • The equipment simplifies the learning process.  This is opposite of what most people think when they look at the equipment with all of its’ springs, straps and chains, but I promise it’s true!  You see there is a lot of internal work involved in learning Pilates.  It is a mind body exercise method that is designed to teach you how to coordinate specific body movements using your thoughts and your awareness of what’s going on in the body.  The equipment basically gives you a support system that makes it easier to figure out how to do the movement so that you can focus on the specifics of doing it correctly in your body.
  • The Pilates equipment gives you instant feedback.  The Pilates equipment is designed to connect your body to the equipment in a way that will allow you to better feel if you are doing the exercise correctly. Joseph Pilates most likely designed his equipment to make his job easier as a teacher.   As a student you are able to make more corrections yourself because of the equipment and your teacher doesn’t have to give you as many cues to correct you. ( This helps you feel results quicker and makes your teacher’s job easier!!)
  • It’s an alignment corrector (everyone needs one of those right?!).  The equipment is designed to help you position your body properly for each exercise. Each Pilates exercise is designed to be done while in proper alignment to achieve the maximum benefit of each exercise.  Since it is often hard to tell if you are in alignment or not, your teacher will help guide you and give you instruction on how to figure this out.  You’ll also find that the equipment is like having a second teacher and will allow you to figure out how to feel your best alignment in your own body!
  • The Pilates equipment helps you create strength,stability and mobility SAFELY while you figure out what it means to practice the Pilates principles in your body! Joseph Pilates created the equipment as a tool to help people figure out this method he was teaching.   Joseph Pilates designed it so that people could start anywhere in their body and progressively build their strength and mobility and feel successful at every step along the way.

The Pilates equipment can be really intimidating when your first see it, but trust us when we tell you it is designed to be a beginner’s best friend!  Learn more about learning the Pilates method utilizing the Pilates equipment by signing up for a complimentary private Pilates session.  After you’ve been introduced to the studio, Pilates and the equipment we have variety of beginner small group classes and sessions available to get started!

Sign up for you complementary session here.

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