Happy Hour Pilates may be your perfect FIRST Pilates class!

Does the thought of attending your first Pilates class terrify you? You are not alone! Maybe you are worried you won’t be able to do any of the exercises and you’ll look silly?  Maybe you are worried everyone in class will be younger and more fit than you? Maybe you are just nervous that you won’t fit in.  If you’ve been wanting to start Pilates classes but have been a little nervous about your first class here are 5 reasons why our Monthly Happy Hour Pilates class may be the perfect first class for you!!

  1.  This all levels class is super beginner friendly!  With a name like Happy Hour Pilates this class is designed to be fun, relaxed and you’ll do lots of things that will feel good in your body after a long week!  You definitely won’t feel any pressure to be able to do anything perfectly and even if you are brand new to Pilates you’ll feel comfortable!
  2. The people coming to class want to chat with you!  Happy Hour Pilates class is just as much about the social connections as it is the movement and exercise time. The others coming to this class enjoy getting to talk with other clients and connect with others. By staying after class for snacks, refreshments and social time you’ll have a chance to meet some other clients who take classes at Rivercity Pilates and get a feel for if you will enjoy other classes at the studio.
  3. Even if you hate class, the snacks and refreshments after are always fabulous!  Ha,Ha…we know you won’t hate class but seriously we always have some great snacks and refreshments!!
  4. If its your first class ever at Rivercity Pilates…it’s free!  New clients can take advantage of a complimentary free first class!  Not only can you try out Pilates at Rivercity Pilates for free, you get snack and refreshments too!  #scoreforyou 
  5. You’ll leave happy!  What could be better than ending your week with a happy experience… using movement to take care of your body, connecting with others and sharing some laughs!  

Sign up for this month’s Happy Hour Class here or call us at 319.665.2499!  Drop ins are welcome for this class! 



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