Eve’s Rules of Teaching Pilates….

Eve’s Rules of Teaching Pilates

  • images-1Your personal problems along with your street clothes should stay in the dressing room where they belong.
  • If your client doesn’t understand or can not do what you are asking them to do – it’s not the client’s fault, it is yours.
  • You should teach your clients so well that they no longer need you.
  • In order to be a good teacher, you have to be a good student. Never stop learning!

I never had the chance to work with Eve Gentry, but ran across these teaching rules from her the other day ago and couldn’t agree more!  I might add to this list:

  • Only teach what you know and know in your own body

I would love to hear from other instructors on any other “rules” that might follow!!
Just click on comment and let us know your “rules”!


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