Have you ever pulled a weed out that knocked you over?

I have to tell you about something someone told me this week!

My client says to me at the beginning of her session:      I was out pulling weeds and we had some really tall weeds, that were probably this high(she held her hand as high as her shoulder!) So I got down low and grabbed on and pulled and pulled and pulled(she was demonstrating as she told me) and then pulled some more and then finally it came out!  And do you know what happened? 

My answer, “… Oh no… did you fall backwards?”

Her answer:  NO, I  didn’t! And I absolutely think in the past I would have! I think all that practice on the balance board really helped me!! 

How amazing is that?  I love to hear client stories about how they are doing life better and avoiding injuries because of their Pilates time!! 

If you are looking to add more movement time into your life that helps you navigate whatever you are doing in life better… we’d love to help! Sign up for a complimentary session where we’ll get to know you, introduce you to some Pilates movements tailored to your body and help you figure out how to best get started!! 

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