You don’t have to be an “advanced” Pilates Mat student to explore the “advanced exercises”!



If you didn’t even consider reading more about our Exploring the Advanced Pilates Mat Exercise Workshop because you still consider yourself a should think rethink it!  Even if you have no desire to ever take our Return to Life Advanced Mat class (trust me when I tell you this is OK … read this blog if this is you!), I think you’ll find that this workshop will change the way you practice Pilates in an amazing way.  Sometimes practicing the same exercises over and over again(even as a beginner) can seem boring or monotonous…but by educating yourself on the details of the exercises and the method I think you’ll find yourself more inspired than ever to give it your best every time you lay on your mat.  Let me tell you a little bit more about this workshop and why I think you will enjoy it regardless of how you might label your Pilates level.


  1.  Depending on who you ask there are about 13 exercises in the original 31 mat exercises that are considered “advanced”.  In this workshop we will talk about all 31 exercises…which means about 60% of the workshop time will be going over exercises that you’ve probably been practicing!  You’ll walk away with an in depth look at how to do each exercise in your body and how to keep progressing your Pilates practice.
  2. By understanding how the exercises relate to one another and the basic skills each exercise requires to do it safely and efficiently you’ll have a better understanding of how to improve your movement practice no matter what exercises you are doing.  Pilates is a system of exercises and each exercise utilizes a variety of basic movement skills to strengthen and balance your body.  In this workshop we will be breaking down each exercise in the original Mat sequence down into the movement skills needed to do each exercise. You’ll have a better in depth understanding of why you do each exercise and how you can adjust the exercise to challenge your body safely versus just doing the exercise because your teacher told you to!
  3. Knowing where you are going will help you work smarter where you are at!   You can have a fabulous strong, balanced body without having to do “advanced versions” of exercises but knowing the progression of each exercise and the possibilities of each exercise helps you to learn the skills of each exercise and helps you continue to gradually challenge yourself every time you do each exercise.  This workshop will explore things like the order of the exercises and how learning one exercise prepares you for other exercises.  You’ll get a better sense of the method as a whole and be able to set realistic expectation for your own body in your Pilates practice.
  4.  The advanced exercises are the same exercises beginners start with in disguise.  Sounds ridiculous I know…but its true.  This workshop will help you “connect the dots” between exercises.  You’ll be a lot more motivated to fine tune your Hundred and Roll up when you realize how those exercises are really just a variation of the Teaser and other more “advanced” exercises!
  5. You’ll be empowered to try an appropriate version of an advanced exercise because you’ll understand that it doesn’t matter so much what an exercise looks like.  What is important is that you are practicing a movement skill at your level that helps you feel stronger and more balanced in your body.

Maybe you are still thinking…but what if I can’t do an exercise?  The whole point of this workshop is to show you that every Pilates Mat exercise no matter how advanced it is…has a true beginner version. Even if you are brand new to Pilates you will be able to do a version of each exercise.  This workshop will be a combination of moving time and listening and soaking in details of the exercise time.  As a participant I promise you’ll feel comfortable trying out exercises if you want, but of course there will never be any pressure to do something you are not comfortable doing in your body.  If you have questions about the workshop feel free to send me an email or catch me at the studio to chat in more detail!

Cost $25.00   Click here to register for workshop.

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