When’s the last time you did something that scared you??

If you follow me or the studio at all you probably have seen some of my posts about Pilates on the Lake.  I teach a Pilates class on a board called a stand up paddleboard (SUP).  The boards are designed to be a surf board like board that you can stand on and paddle yourself around.  You can also sit or kneel on the boards to paddle and it turns out you can lay on them and do most of your Pilates exercises. The slight instability of the board on the water makes it extra fun!

As I’ve been teaching these classes I’ve found that many of my students are taking class because they want to try stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time. These new students are water people( you know…people that enjoy being in or around water and nature..) who are intrigued with the new Standup Paddleboard fad and want to try it out.

I’ve been having so much fun teaching and I think the part I enjoy the most is the “trying something new” experience that I get to help people with.  There is something truly inspiring about getting to experience a first in someone’s life.  There is something truly inspiring about being there as someone puts their fears to the side and tries something new that they know full well..they might not be so great at in the beginning.

quote by eleanor rooseveltIt reminds me of the quote,”Do one thing every day that scares you.”

I think we all can recognize the value in doing something that scares us. We’ve all seen the light on the other side after we conquer a fear or venture out and try something new.    But how many of us really make an effort to do those things that scare us? How many of us are willing to take a chance and be vulnerable in front of other people?

From a teaching perspective I try to keep the Paddleboard experience and class light hearted.  I try to remind people that it’s OK if you fall off your board(it’s a great chance to cool off and refresh!)and more than anything I try to just be in the moment with people and remind them how great they are doing( because they are!!). Whether we are paddling to our spot on the lake to anchor for class or playfully trying some Pilates exercises on the boards I think you’ll find it’s a great workout, the scenery is amazing and it’s just plain fun to do something new and different!

If you are looking to try something new this summer, maybe a chance to do something that scares you…I would love to see you on the lake!!  You can sign up for Tuesday evening 6 pm Pilates on the Lake classes by clicking here! 

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Inspiration of the Month – Jessica

Inspiration of the Month
Jessica Dlask
When did you start Pilates and what inspired you to start?
I started Pilates in November, 2015. I had previously taken yoga classes while living in Chicago but had never tried Pilates. I had heard it was a great way to build your strength and the exercises were adaptable based on your individual level, both of which appealed to me. I had always enjoyed group fitness classes and thought I would give it a try.
How often do you practice Pilates and what type of sessions or classes have you been doing?  
I try to practice Pilates at least 2-3 times a week and regularly participate in both mat and equipment classes. I have recently started trying to add a yoga class to my workout regimen as well for a slightly different type of workout.
What benefits or improvements have you noticed in your body and life from doing Pilates? 
I sit at a computer desk much of the day and run a home based clothing business in the evenings and weekends which involves quite a bit of lifting and bending resulting in a lot of strain and tension on my neck and back each day. Pilates gives me the opportunity to stretch and lengthen my spine, helping to improve pain and discomfort. It helps clear my mind after a busy work day and allows me to challenge myself in each class. I love that I can notice the progress I make on exercises I do regularly but am also challenged by new exercises as well.
Do you have a favorite exercise or piece of equipment (or both)?  
My favorite piece of equipment is probably the reformer as I enjoy the movement and the ability to change the tension for an increased challenge. I especially enjoy footwork and leg circles on the reformer. In mat classes, I have a love/hate relationship with the leg series!
What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing Pilates?
I would encourage anyone and everyone to try Pilates as it is easily adaptable for people of all fitness levels. I have challenges with flexibility, hip and arm strength and know that there are always ways to make an exercise work for me. The instructors are attentive to your strengths and challenges and continue to help you improve. I love the atmosphere of the studio where I can walk in and be greeted by staff asking about my dog or upcoming wedding plans – there is a strong sense of community that keeps us coming back.

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Pilates Teacher Training starts this fall!

Fall 2017 Pilates Mat Teacher Training Workshop dates are set:
  • September 10, 2017
  • October 1, 2017
  • October 22, 2017
  • November 12th, 2017
  • December 3rd, 2017

July 26th at 7:30 pm there will be a Move and Learn Class focused on the Pilates teacher training programs at Rivercity Pilates.   We’ll start the night with a 30 minute Pilates Mat class and then Carey will be available after that to discuss the details of the teacher training program.  Sign up online for this free class and learn more about learning to teach Pilates!

Check out our website for details or contact us to set up a time to come in and talk about program details with Carey!!
Learn more about the details of the program by clicking  here.

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Inspiration of the Month – Colleen

Empower your Body-Inspire your Life!

Inspiration of the Month

Colleen Rhodes

When did you start Pilates and what inspired you to start?
I started Pilates in June 2012 because I wanted to add a variety to my weekly workout regime.  I know that it is very important to move your body in different ways as opposed to doing the same routine (i.e. running) all the time.
How often do you practice Pilates and what type of sessions or classes have you been doing? 
I do one-on-one sessions with Carey.  Sometimes twice a week.
What benefits or improvements have you noticed in your body and life from doing Pilates?
I always tell people Pilates is like my spinal adjustment.  I always feel taller when I leave.  I have noticed that my core is much stronger which makes doing other exercises and daily activities easier.  Also, when I’ve had some physical limitations, (i.e. foot surgery, knee issues), Carey is able to adjust my session accordingly so I still get a good workout.
Do you have a favorite exercise or piece of equipment (or both)?  
I enjoy all the equipment, however, the Cadillac is probably my favorite.  This is another reason I love Pilates.  Carey has me using the different equipment, as well as other tools, (i.e. foam rollers, balls, balance boards, etc.), which makes for a different workout every time I come in.  I am never bored.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing Pilates?
I always tell people it is a great workout and can be done at any age, and any fitness level.  I also tell them to do the first complimentary consultation so they get an idea about Pilates and perhaps diminish the mystery or fear of doing something different.  Using the Nike slogan, “Just Do It” and you will get hooked:)

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Summer Movement Challenge Continues till August 31!! 

The studio chart is full with client names participating in our summer movement challenge!  We had to add an extension to it! We of course love it when you get to the studio to get your favorite classes and sessions in, but we are also challenging you to enjoy the summer weather and take some of your movement time outdoors!!  It’s not too late to get started. The challenge doesn’t end till August 31!

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Free Barre Class – Open to Community – Beginners Welcome

Life Inspired: Barre Basics  with Nancy Kaff
Friday, July 14      6 pm to 7:30 pm

Life Inspired is a free monthly event that we host for us to connect, learn something new, and have fun! Join Nancy for a free Barre Basics class and stay after for wine and chocolate! Wear your activewear and be ready to move and have fun!

Sign up: Click Here!


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Meet the Instructor – Jillian

Tell us about yourself / your family.  – I grew up in northern Iowa and moved to this area for pharmacy school. I moved to the west coast for several years after college, then moved home when it was time to start a family. I have a 3 year old son named Sonny James.

Describe yourself in 5 words.   – energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, thoughtful, positive

Favorite food / or favorite restaurant – Sonny and I love to go to Panera for mac and cheese! If it’s just me it would probably be Mexican.

If money were no object, what would you do all day?  – YOGA!! And read. And work out.

Why did you become a Yoga teacher?   – I went through yoga teacher training not intending to teach. I just wanted to learn more about yoga and further my home practice. Then after teaching I realized that I’m pretty good at helping other yogis get where they are trying to go!

Describe why you love Yoga in three words.   – mindfulness, acceptance, self-love

Would you rather hike or bike?   HIKE. I don’t have a bike that goes beyond the grocery store

If you could live anywhere in the world — where would you want to live?  –  somewhere with mountains, they are what I miss the most about Oregon.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate movement into your life in addition to Yoga?  – I have a standing desk at work and I try to take a daily walk. I walk to the grocery store every week with my son.

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?  – a lot of books

If you won an amazing prize, and the choice was either take an incredible vacation or get the dollar value in cash — which would you pick?     – vacation, hands down. Mo money mo problems.

Would you rather enjoy a houseboat or a speed boat?   speedboat, as long as someone else is driving

Do you have a guilty pleasure?    – yes. sweets. I have the world’s hungriest sweet tooth, and I indulge it way more than I should!

What is your favorite body part / why?    – my brain. Everything else is subject to change at any time.

Do you collect anything / what / and why?  – shoes. I have an OBSESSION with shoes and have waaaay more than I need. I’ve set a new goal to let go of this obsession.

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What To Expect in your First Pilates Training Session

Many people have never worked one on one with a movement or exercise  instructor and have some misconceived ideas about what a one on one Pilates session will be like.  Let me put to rest some of your fears!  If you’ve been watching the Biggest Loser we may have some work to do:) Or maybe you’ve heard horror stories of people doing personal training and being so sore they can’t even walk the next day or lift their arm to brush their teeth?

Today I’m going to walk you through your first Pilates private session at Rivercity Pilates (P.S.- this session is free so definitely take advantage of it!)

When you arrive at the studio we’ll give you a tour of our space.  We’ll show you where you can put your coat, shoes, and gear, point out the restrooms, show you our massage room and our two spacious studio rooms that we use for private sessions and small group classes.

P1020745If you haven’t already filled out our new client paperwork we’ll have you fill out our health intake and other preliminary forms.  The health intake form in particular is very important to us.  Your instructor will start your session by sitting with you and going over your health history and discussing how it effects your exercise program.  As instructors we want to help you create a Pilates practice that meets your goals and is safe for your body!

After we’ve learned a little bit more about you, your instructor will start by sharing a little more in depth about the history of Pilates and what and how we teach the Pilates Method at Rivercity Pilates.  We find that learning Pilates is a process and teaching the “why” behind the method is important when helping others create a Pilates practice in their life.

Whether you have been practicing Pilates for years or a brand new beginner we will start the movement portion of your session by teaching the Pilates fundamentals in your body.  The Pilates fundamentals are the building blocks of every exercise and movement we do in Pilates and it’s important to us that you understand them as they are used over and over again in your Pilates practice.  These fundamentals include the concepts of breathe, engaging your deep abdominal muscles, how to stabilize your hips and shoulders and more.  We’ll tailor the exercises we use to teach these ideas to your body and move at a level appropriate for you.

RCP-37After we teach you the fundamentals and have had some time to work with you and see how your body moves we’ll introduce you to some Pilates exercises that are appropriate for your body.  We often like to let you experience exercises that are considered Mat work (just using your own body for resistence) as well as letting you experience exercises on some of the traditional Pilates equipment such as the Univeral Reformer, the Cadillac or the Pilates Wunda Chair.

We’ll wrap up your session with some time to talk about what we did and give you an opportunity to ask questions.  Your instructor can help to explain the different ways you can learn and practice Pilates and give suggestions as to what might be best for your body.

Our goal during your first session is to start the teaching process and help you decide whether you want to pursue a Pilates practice.  Your session will be a combination of discussion and movement.  Will you be sore the next day?  You might be.  Often when you are learning a new movement and engaging new muscles you’ll feel it the next day- but in a good way!  You’ll know you did something different but no need to worry about being so sore that you can’t function!!

Ready to try a complimentary session?  Click here to find a time that works best in your schedule!  We look forward to meeting you!

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Meet The Rivercity Pilates Instructor – Shelly M

Tell us about yourself / your family.  I live with my husband, Ron, in Tiffin. I am a physical therapist by day, Pilates teacher by night and weekend. When I am not working, I enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with friends and family, and planning my next day trip or vacation.

Describe yourself in 5 words.  –  learner, analytical, mover, helper, balance-seeker

Tell us about your first Pilates experience.    When/Why did you start practicing Pilates? –  I first tried Pilates in April 2013 (wow, has it really been 4 years!) in a semi-private intro session with a co-worker. I had fallen out of a consistent exercise program and was excited to get back in to a routine. I liked that Pilates helped take my mind off everything on my to-do list for an hour and got me moving again. It took me a few months to start a consistent Pilates practice in July 2013. I haven’t looked back since!

Favorite food / or favorite restaurant  I love seafood. And chocolate.
If money were no object, what would you do all day?  – Walk on the beach, read a good book, and enjoy a relaxing meal.
Why did you become a Pilates teacher?   I initially decided to begin the teacher training program to develop a deeper understanding of the Pilates method.  I enjoyed my private sessions and classes, and was reading to take my practice to the next level. I also thought I would be able to use some of the Pilates method in my work as a physical therapist. I didn’t intentionally set out to teach Pilates in a studio setting. After beginning the teacher training program, I gained an interest in sharing the method with other people.
Describe why you love Pilates in three words.   engaging mindful movement
Would you rather hike or bike?  – I like both, but would pick biking if I could only do one.
If you could live anywhere in the world — where would you want to live?  – Somewhere with a beach.

Halloween Pilates 2015

What are your favorite ways to incorporate movement into your life in addition to Pilates?    biking, walking, hiking, paddleboarding

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?  – my husband, Ron
If you won an amazing prize, and the choice was either take an incredible vacation or get the dollar value in cash — which would you pick?   Cash
Would you rather enjoy a houseboat or a speed boat?  – speed boat
Do you have a guilty pleasure?    watching “trash” TV
Do you collect anything / what / and why? –   I like collecting seashells as reminder of fun beach vacations, but try not to keep too many. I still have my teddy bear collection from childhood. I can’t remember why I started collecting them, but once it became a theme, I received a lot of bears as gifts. I also have a large collection of vacation photos waiting to be edited and printed. I developed an interest in photography in college and have a hard time picking my favorite photos.

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5 Reasons to Join the Rivercity Pilates Teacher Training Class this fall

 5 Reasons to become a Pilates Teacher

1. Inspire others to add more healthy movement into their life.
2. You can’t teach Pilates without doing it in your own body (keeps you committed to your own Pilates practice).
3. You can teach Pilates anywhere in the world. Teach at the local gym, rec center, or at a studio near you!
4. “Yoga Pants” are standard uniform for Pilates teachers.

5.  Do something you love and are passionate about!

Our Pilates Mat Teacher training module starts this fall and we’d love to have you join us!! Check out our website for details or contact us to set up a time to come in and talk about program details with Carey!!
Learn more about the details of the program by clicking  here.

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Rivercity Pilates Summer Movement Challenge!

How are you doing in Rivercity Pilates Summer Movement Challenge?    We’re only 2 weeks in – and we’re excited because we are going to have to add new lines to the chart in the studio this week because so many of you are taking charge of your health, and committing to exercising this summer!       If you haven’t signed up yet — there’s still time — our Summer Movement Challenge runs from June 1 – August 30!

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Paddle Board and Pilates on the Lake with Carey!

                                                                         Enjoy Pilates Outdoors on Friday nights in June! 
This playful, all levels Pilates class on the paddleboards will focus on using controlled precise movements to strengthen your whole body! You’ll love how the feedback from laying on your board helps you really find your core muscles and helps you find balance in all your movements.  We’ll explore the traditional Pilates Mat sequence and give lots of variations on exercises so you can find one that is perfect for your body and experience level!  Beginners welcome!
Fridays 6pm to 7:15 pm from
June 9th – June 30th
$20/class (includes board rental)
Sign up soon by calling: Fin & Feather H2O at: 319-855-3455
Space is limited so sign up now to reserve your spot!

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FREE! Pilates in the Park at North Ridge in Coralville!

Life Inspired: Pilates at the Park
Wednesday, June 21st 
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Take your movement practice outside with a class at the park!  Bring your own mat or blanket and meet us at Coralville’s North Ridge Park for a playful Pilates class in the Park! Sign up online to let us know you’re coming here.
Address: 2250 Holiday Rd, Coralville, IA 52241
Link to Google Map: Click here!
**Please note: There will not be a 6pm Pilates Mat class at the studio this night- come join us for this free class at the park instead!!!
Sign up: Click Here!

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Do you feel a little awkward getting on and off the #Pilates reformer?

picture of pilates reformer.If you’ve been on the Pilates Reformer you know it is an amazing piece of Pilates equipment. It is supportive, yet challenges you and it really helps your body do so many different movements that create strength, flexibility and balance in your body. You also probably know that it’s not always easy to maneuver on the reformer. And by maneuver I mean get into position for an exercise and transition to the next exercise. It often can make the most fit person feel clumsy and awkward as they are trying to figure out how to best get on or off the Reformer or practice their transition between exercises. So don’t feel bad if you too have felt this way!

In fact, as a teacher I encourage my clients to celebrate this awkwardness, celebrate the way you have to think about and strategize about the way to best get up or down from the reformer, celebrate how you have to focus to maintain your balance and not fall as you try to gracefully stand up while leaning on the moving carriage. Why celebrate? Celebrate because transitions on the reformer teach our body to transition in life. They challenge our bodies in sometimes unexpected ways…which is what I like to think of as great training for life.

What do you want to be able to do in life? Reach down and pull weeds in your garden? Sit down on the floor with your kids or grandkids and then be able to somewhat gracefully get back up? Catch yourself when you step on an unexpected object that causes you to lose your balance. Learning to get on and off the reformer with control and grace will help you maintain your mobility, flexibility and strength and will help you train for those life skills!!

So next time you are feeling a little awkward transitioning on the reformer change your thought process. Think of the transition as part of the exercise that you are practicing. Just like it takes practice (lots of it) to be able to do your Teaser, it takes practice to learn how to transition between exercises. Remind yourself there is value in being able to transition between movements and even in awkward positions. Remind yourself that every time you practice those type of movements in the controlled, safe environment at the studio you are better training your body to avoid injuries in your daily life activities. You are keeping your body agile, training your balance and training body to move better in any situation!

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The world did not blow up, and I did not feel like a failure!

I’ve been practicing Pilates for a little over 3 years.   When I started, I took a combination of privates and small group classes, but since I retired, I take mostly private sessions – and a few semi-privates.    When Carey encouraged me to come to a Pilates class offered by a visiting instructor, I was terrified.  My comfort zone is now in private sessions with a teacher I know very well!

You have to understand, for the last 15 years of my work life (before retirement) I traveled between 20-30 weeks per year.    I watched a lot of reality tv in hotel rooms.    I have anxiety when I think of personal trainers and fitness instructors from watching the Biggest Loser on TV. I’m pretty sure I’d have a heart attack, or a total body collapse if I was in a gym with a trainer yelling at me to run on the treadmill!   So in my head, I pick the safest route, and generally that does not include taking a fitness class with a new instructor.   I did join a gym locally 4 years ago.   I went for maybe 2-3 months to a couple of classes a week – but the classes involved lifting weights without much personal attention (or detailed instruction) – so I was terrified that I would hurt myself and I quit going.

The class I was invited to was called Restorative Pilates.   Ok — that’s a pretty non threatening title, so I’m not sure why it frightened me.   I had no idea what to expect.    I knew I had met the instructor before, and I was pretty sure that he was not the yelling and screaming type!

On that Saturday morning, I decided to put on my Pilates pants and go to class.   The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t the only one that was nervous.     There were other students in the class going up to Carey and asking her to tell the visiting instructor that they had this or that going on – so they would be modifying some exercises.     Another student was really nervous that she wouldn’t be able to do some of the exercises.     Uh Oh.   It was time to start class.

What was class like?   It was terrific.    The guest instructor (Len) started teaching.   We started with the most basic of Pilates fundamentals – breathing.   Len’s cueing was amazing and after practicing breathing for a few minutes – we started at our toes – and flexed and stretched most every muscle in our bodies.   When he asked us to do hundreds – he gave so many modifications that everyone could feel good about doing their best hundreds – and after class, I felt great!     I went, I completed the class, the world did not blow up and I felt really good about class!    Here’s a tiny sample!

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid of taking a class from a different instructor!  I learned things from that class that I use every day to make my body feel better!   Len’s ability to paint a picture that compared Pilates movements to everyday tasks gave me new ways to visualize the exercises that I was doing and I had a great time!     Of course, I took some pictures and a few videos so I would have them for this blog, and it seemed like after the class — everyone was feeling the same way!

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5 Things Not to Expect at Pilates!

Thinking of trying out Pilates or maybe just getting back into the studio after not practicing Pilates for awhile?  Here’s our list of the top 5 things NOT to expect during your Pilates session!IMG_3026

1.  Don’t expect to feel bad about not exercising or not being in as good of shape as you think you should be.  It happens to everyone and we will help you realize that getting back into shape is easier than you think.

2. Don’t expect to be so sore that you can’t walk down the stairs or lift your arm to brush your hair.  We know that exercise does not need to leave you in pain to be effective.  You can expect to get a great workout that is perfect for your body! 

3.  Don’t expect to do the same exact thing every session.  Each class or session is designed to meet your needs on any given day and those needs are constantly changing. Expect us to tailor your exercises to your body and continually challenge you with new variations and movements.

4.  Don’t expect to be able to do everything perfect the first session or even your 100th session.  (I know….this one is hard for most of us and especially if you tend to be a perfectionist!!) Pilates is designed to safely challenge your body and your mind so that you can continue to evolve to the best you!

Try not to be so judgmental toward yourself and KNOW that the benefits of Pilates are more dependent on you doing it on a regular basis rather than how perfectly you do it!

5.  Don’t expect to dread coming in to the studio to exercise.  In fact- most of our clients look forward to coming in!  (this may be hard to believe if you have always been a person who just doesn’t like to exercise- you’ll have to trust us on this one!)

Ready to try out a complimentary private Pilates session at Rivercity Pilates?   Contact us today to set up your complimentary private session!

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10 Reasons to Start Yoga Classes at Rivercity Pilates!

As healthcare and healing modalities continue to evolve, Yoga is quickly becoming an intricate part of health and wellness programs because of it’s ability to promote health and healing at all levels:  physical, emotional and spiritual.   Check out these Top 10 reasons to begin a Yoga Practice at Rivercity Pilates!    We have private or small group training sessions available for Yoga.    We have just added morning classes which are very suitable for Yoga Newbies!    We also have evening yoga classes!

yogawordle210 Reasons to Practice Yoga!

1.  Stress relief
2.  Inner Peace, Calm and Authentic Happiness
3.  Increased Strength, Physical Conditioning and a Beautiful Posture
4.  Weight Loss and Weight Management
5.  Increased Overall Energy
6.  Improved Sleep
7.  Heightened Mental and Intuitive Awareness.
8.  Improved Hormonal balance (especially in cases of breast cancer, infertility and prenatal conditioning)
9.  Brain Synchronization and Brain Fitness
10.  Whole Body Detoxification

Beginning a new movement program can be overwhelming.    We encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary first session to become familiar with Rivercity Pilates, and meet with your instructor.   You can schedule your complimentary first session on our website, or you can call 319-665-2499 and we will do the computer work for you!    We hope to hear from you soon!

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Have you taken a class with Shara?

Tell us about yourself / your family.  I grew up in St. Charles, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. I moved to Iowa City in 2000 to go to the University and met my now husband. We traveled for 2 years after I graduated and then moved back permanently to Iowa City in 2008. I work full time as a nurse in the information technology field and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and my husband owns Daydreams Comics in Iowa City. We live in Iowa City with our 3 cats and love to travel to new and exciting places as often as we can.

Describe yourself in 5 words. – adventurous, playful, passionate, dedicated, willful   

Tell us about your first Yoga experience.    When/Why did you start practicing Yoga?  I started Yoga as a way to bring movement back into my life in 2008. I stopped dancing when I left college in 2005 and I felt a void in my life where the movement had been. Yoga has now become so much more to me than just movement. I have a practice that can dramatically change the way I feel physical, mentally and emotionally. It has equipped me with the tools to deal with challenging situations and how to deeply enjoy the beautiful ones. I am filled with gratitude everyday that I am able to share this gift with others.  

Favorite food / or favorite restaurant – Sweets, especially a good carrot cake!

If money were no object, what would you do all day?  Teach yoga at a luxury resort in some far off island where I could eat pineapples all day and spend endless time with my hubby and our cats.

Why did you become a Yoga teacher?  I wanted to facilitate the experience I had with the yoga practice for others. The teachings are incredibly powerful and have the ability to bring great balance into our lives and I hope to help other gain this clarity and joy.  

What are your favorite ways to incorporate movement into your life in addition to Yoga?  I love to explore movement. I pop into a ballet or modern class every now and again and I recently did an aerial silks class. The opportunities are endless if you just open yourself up to new experiences.   

What is your favorite body part / why?  I love every part of my body equally. Sure there are some areas that I would like to see smaller or bigger but lets be honest, this is the only body we have so we should love it all the time no matter what it looks like. Yoga teaches us that the external experiences pale in comparison to the deeper internal experience. Learning to let go of the external expectations of how we “should” look is the first step in connecting deeper to the beauty that is present inside all of us and creating a lasting happiness.  

Do you collect anything / what / and why? Do yoga leggings count, cause I have an impressive collection of those. Actually, I don’t collect much because my husband collects EVERYTHING. 🙂  

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Pilates is Chronic Disease Friendly Exercise

I’m guessing if you’re reading this post either you or someone you know has a chronic disease.  If this is the case then you probably are aware of all of the wonderful benefits that exercise can have in dealing with your disease.  You’ve heard about how exercise can enhance your mood, make your body feel better and help you deal with the day to day stress of dealing with whatever craziness is going on in your body.   But you may not believe any of this.

You may think that just getting out of bed in the mornings is sometimes the most exercise you can handle.  You may be terrified of walking into a group setting where you are not sure of what you were doing or if you are even capable of doing what is asked.  What if I told you there was a type of exercise available that would make you feel better, that could be tailored specifically to how your body was feeling on any given day and could be practiced in a one on one setting, in a small group setting or even on your own at home?

The Pilates method of exercise is truly adaptable to any body and can be an amazing health tool in your life.  The best way to get started is to set up a time to talk and work with a Pilates teacher one on one.  Many  Pilates teachers offer a complimentary first session so that they can introduce you to the method and have a chance to show you how it can be adapted to whatever is going on in your body.

Want to learn more about how Pilates can be a health tool when you have a chronic disease?  Check out the book, “Lessons from Living with Crohn’s Disease”.  In the book author Kelly Sedlacek talks about her journey living with Crohn’s and how Pilates has been part of that journey.  There’s even a guest chapter in the book from me talking specifically about how a Pilates practice can be a benefit to anyone battling a chronic disease.



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Could an exercise studio really become one of your favorite places?

As a Pilates teacher and movement nut I can tell you I love to talk about mindful movement and the benefits of Pilates in your life.  But I can tell you as a studio owner the reason so many clients tell me they love our studio has nothing to do with the quality of our teaching (and our teachers are fabulous!… I have some of the best trained, most amazing movement teachers around on staff.) The number one compliment I get from clients is about the amazing community that exists within our studio walls.  That’s right…the community, the tribe of people who consider Rivercity Pilates one of their home away from home places.

You see, very few people actually enjoy exercising (surprise right?).  But most of us know how important regular movement and exercise is to living a long, happy life and so we try to incorporate it into our life.  So even though I know our clients appreciate our highly trained, knowledgeable instructors, I truly think the the reason they keep coming back and the reason they are so successful at consistently adding movement into their life is because of their RCP tribe.  Their Rivercity Pilates tribe gives them support, connects them to others, and makes them laugh every time they are here.  Their Rivercity Pilates tribe makes exercising fun!! 

We all need a tribe or two in our life.  We need people outside of our immediate family and friends who share similar interests, are going through similar things and who are just fun to hang out with.  And what could be better than a tribe who is just like you…just trying to live your best life by balancing out healthy habits like exercise while  juggling families, juggling careers and just trying to enjoy life.  

Personally, our tribe, our community at Rivercity Pilates is probably the thing I’m most proud of when it comes to my business.  I absolutely love to come to work and get to check in with clients and see how their week is going, I love that I get a chance to really know clients which in turn helps me to better help them reach their health and fitness goals.  I love how friendly everyone is to each other and how supportive everyone is.  I love that clients chat and laugh with each other throughout class.  I love to see class participants catching up with each other before and after class.  

Are you looking for a tribe? Are you one of those people that knows they need to exercise and move more but sometimes just can’t motivate yourself to do it? We would love to introduce you to the Rivercity Pilates tribe!!  Get started by scheduling a one on one session with one of our amazing teachers or start with a complimentary group class.  We would love to meet you!!

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